New Technology For Bathroom Remodeling

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a TV in your bathroom, now you can. Hidden as a mirror or even put in the shower. If you plan on remodeling your bathroom soon, make sure you know about all the new technology to update your bathroom even more.

Motion detecting sinks have been around for a while now, but normally in public restrooms. Now you can have one in your home. On top of that have a motion detecting toilet, there is a sensor that flushes when you wave your hand in front of it. If you want to take it that much further, there is one that opens and closes automatically, this one even comes with a heated seat!

Now to the fun stuff, you can have a mirror that doubles as a TV, it looks just like a normal vanity mirror and the TV disappears when you aren’t watching it. Plus you’ve still got the normal storage space behind it. Installing a TV in the bathroom may make you never want to leave it!

Ladies, this one is for you. Bathroom privacy glass, that allows you to have a huge window in your bathroom to have natural light for applying your make-up. By using the remote you can change the visibility so no one can see in while showering.

Stop bringing your Bluetooth speakers in the bathroom to listen to music while showering. There is a speaker that you can add in your shower or somewhere else in your bathroom!

This is a new one, a chromatherapy shower. It is new technology that uses LEDs in your bathtub or shower that go through a cycle during use. The different colors soothe or energize you depending on if you are trying to wake up in the morning or trying to relax for the night.

These are just a few new technologies in bathroom remodeling. Do your research and you will have a beautiful smart bathroom when you finish your bathroom remodeling project. For more information about bathroom remodeling at your property, contact the trusted experts at JMAC Design. We have been serving all of South Florida for over 30 years!